Betsy Heintz, HHP

Betsy Heintz, HHP

Hi, I’m Betsy Heintz, the owner of Work Without Pain.

I’ve had a private massage therapy practice for 18 years and I’ve treated countless forms  of soft tissue pain and injury, including chronic back, knee and shoulder pain; tendonitis; sciatica; and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have worked with clients who are in front of a computer all day; clients who are doing heavy, repetitive physical labor; clients who train to climb mountains; and clients recovering from surgeries.

Work Without Pain

Work Without Pain’s powerful techniques used in conjunction with dynamic communication between employee and therapist get to the source of, and resolve, restricted movements and pain.

Work Without Pain sessions take place in the workplace, clothed, and are scheduled to maximize convenience for both the employer and employee. These sessions consist of deep massage combined with myofascial release; they target existing pain and injury with the goal of interceding before musculoskeletal pain becomes an advanced condition requiring medical intervention and the steep cost that involves. The therapist also tracks the participant’s progress and coaches employees on strategies to build on the progress achieved for long-term results.

Work Without Pain sessions bring immediate relief and build progressively from week to week to reduce musculoskeletal pain that resists other treatments. Furthermore, working closely with the soft-tissue therapist, employees identity and target their own pain. Experiencing immediate benefits and reflecting on improvement as they go, employees feel motivated to take ownership their own well-being.

The High Cost of Employee Pain

The human body wasn’t designed to do repetitive task under deadline the way we work today. This results in muscle imbalances and inflammation.

Under these conditions, the body’s tissue tightens and binds together which leads to pain, dysfunction, and restricted range of motion. From nagging neck and shoulder pain to debilitating repetitive stress injuries, physical discomfort and dysfunction interfere with work. As an employer, it’s important to recognize that workers are compromised by musculoskeletal pain, and that the lack of, or incorrect, treatment of this pain lessens productivity and can lead to injury.

Employees in Pain:

 Cost more in medical visits

Can lead to potentially costly workers’ compensation claims

Take more sick days, including days off to rest, causing extra work for their teams

May cover up pain, risking further injury

Use poor body mechanics to compensate, which can lead to injury

Are distracted and may make more mistakes

 Are more likely to experience physical and emotional burnout

Take more pain meds, risking foggy thinking, potential dependence, and harmful side effects, without  treating the underlying musculoskeletal injury or imbalance

By 2020, 25% of the workforce will be 55 or older. These are valuable workers, but they have greater medical needs, take more medications, and are more likely to have pre-existing conditions. Their medical costs are 50% higher, and they take 25% more time off recovering from injury.

Keeping these employees out of pain with Work Without Pain allows you to retain their expertise while cutting down on medical costs dramatically. Work Without Pain is an impactful program because it targets and resolves the underlying musculoskeletal imbalances that cause pain, treating instead of ineffectively masking pain. This means companies can avoid losing valuable employees to repetitive strain injury.

Work Without Pain’s powerful techniques used in conjunction with dynamic communication between employee and therapist gets to the source of, and resolves, restricted movement and pain.

The Work Without Pain Program

Work without pain is conducted onsite at the employee’s place of work. Over the course of four 30 minute sessions a soft tissue therapist works with the employee using specific pressure and movement to restore space where restricted tissue is causing pain and dysfunction. The treatment is geared to the motivation and tolerance of that employee, balancing comfort and efficacy.

The employee is then taught specific strategies and stretches to enhance recovery and prevent recurrence. Typical results are a 25-50% reduction in pain in a single session and 48% over the course of the treatments. This program boasts a 98% satisfaction rating from employees.

This program effectively treats pain related to repetitive-motion injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, low-back strain, sciatica, headaches. It benefits employers by reducing medical costs, absenteeism, use of medication, by preventing workers’ compensation claims, and by increasing employee productivity.

Work Without Pain is so effective because it is an interactive program in which the employee and therapist work together to locate and break up the tight tissue. In addition to reducing or eliminating pain, this treatment also:

Unbinds layers of tissue

Frees up deep restrictions that inhibit movement and cause pain

Improves function and increase range of motion

We succeed where other programs fail

Whereas other wellness programs typically target one part of the workforce or another, administrative personnel or employees doing repetitive physical labor, Work Without Pain offers benefits to every employee.

Work Without Pain also succeeds where other programs fail because getting out of pain is a priority for workers, whatever their job title or industry. Furthermore, when employees play an active role in the relief of their pain, and learn strategies to prevent re-injury, they’ve been given a powerful tool with long-term benefits.

  • Conducted onsite – saving time and money

  • 15 or 30 minute sessions – minimizes time away from tasks

  • Proven protocols assure effectiveness

  • Goals  established and tracked with follow up as needed

  • Combined deep tissue massage for muscle imbalances and overuse

  • Scar tissue addressed and broken up

  • Stretching and coaching throughout


Satisfaction with the program
Reduction in pain and discomfort
Reduction in frequency of pain
Reduction in missed days of work
Reduction of frequency of medication use

Employees Say:

“Instead of nursing distressed
tendons and muscles,
I have more energy for work.”

Nathalia Q., Analyst

“The only way I’ve been able to make it to 10 years at my job is by participating in this treatment. With all the repetitive motion I do, it’s a beneficial program to prevent getting hurt.”

Janea L., Animal Care Worker

What Managers Say:

“I’ve seen the benefits of this pain management program manifest itself with better attendance, morale and work performance. I also haven’t had one worker’s comp claim since participating in this program. It has my highest recommendation.”

Andrew D., Machine Shop Superintendent

“This program continues to demonstrate positive outcomes for musculoskeletal pain and injuries in a timely efficient manner, and is a tremendous asset to our organization”

Sarah B., EH&S Manager

People in pain

all have one thing in common:

They need effective solutions so they can excel at their work and take care of their families.

However, I have seen first-hand the futility of using medication to treat musculoskeletal pain and disorders that are common a byproduct of work. Symptom treatment masks a problem without resolving it, and surgeries are seldom appropriate for soft tissue overuse.

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Work Without Pain recognizes and supports the individual. Working in partnership with the therapist makes the employee feel like an integral part of a team and increases the rate of progress. Savvy scheduling maximizes therapy time and minimizes employee’s travel and time away from tasks. Participants return to work directly, able to fulfill their responsibilities more comfortably and safely. Ease of implementation for the employer and start-to-finish support means less time managing the wellness program and more time enjoying the benefits of a healthy workforce.

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